Shipping Policy

  • We take about 10 days to ship your custom-made shirt. In case you have ordered an imported fabric, we take 21 days to ship your order. If you've ordered more than 3 shirts, we send you the first shirt as a trial in 7 days, and once you've confirmed you're happy with the fit, we process the rest of the order.

  • Please note, that in case of any unfortunate events there can be a slight delay in delivery. Though, we try our best to have your custom-shirt delivered to you in time. In rare cases when a fabric you've selected is not available, our Customer Care team will get in touch with you to help select an alternate option. If you're not happy with the alternate fabric, we will refund your money back.

  • We shall keep you updated with status of your order via email and SMS -- both when it's placed, and when it's shipped out.

  • In case you're shopping at one of our stores, we will send you an email and SMS when your shirt is ready for pick up.