Ethical and edgy

Pause works with repurposed fabrics, upcycling, cotton scraps and turns it into fun details that make the garments interesting, ethically produced and affordable too.

Clothes that look and feel good

At Pause, functionality and innovation go hand in hand - the brand is set out on a mission to bring ethically-made clothing into modern wardrobes effortlessly.

Conscious consumption and a need for everyday dressing.

It ticks the conversations we've been having in fashion for the last two years: conscious consumption, a need for everyday dressing, being vocal for local and having a solid digital footprint.

There's No Room For Greenwashing With These Planet-Positive Brands

Designers that may have originally taken a different path in their field are inclined towards climate-friendly fashion. New efforts, such as the recent collaboration between jewellery designer Roma Narsinghani and RTW label Pause for a conscious capsule collection of everyday wear, encapsulate that sentiment.

JULY 2022

The Corona Quilt Project Is The Perfect Artistic Ode To A Year Spent In Lockdown

The Corona Quilt Project, an initiative in collaboration with Bombay Shirt Company was born as a way to connect people, discuss self-expression and mental health, and bring communities together.

MARCH 2021

The Corona Quilt Project Turns 12,000 Accounts Of The Pandemic Into Art Installations across Mumbai

The Corona Quilt Project was conceived during the initial weeks of the pandemic as a way to connect people, discuss self-expression and mental health. It is a collaborative endeavour of IIFL, The Godrej Group, JSW, Bombay Shirt Company, Bombay Municipality Community (BMC).

MARCH 2021