Sparkle And Shine

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A collection of elevated casuals with embellished details to add a touch of sparkle and shine to your wardrobe.

Love Spell Pleat Detail Embellished Dress
Rs. 2,800
Coral Crush Embellished T-shirt
Rs. 2,500
Lovefool Boxy Embellished Crop Top
Rs. 2,200
Night Lights Embellished Crop Top
Rs. 1,200
Shine On Rhinestone Top
Rs. 2,600
Frosted Shores Rhinestone T-shirt
Rs. 2,600
Prism Party Rhinestone T-Shirt
Rs. 2,500
Silver Star Embellished T-Shirt
Rs. 2,600
Laser Tag Embellished T-Shirt
Rs. 2,800
Boardwalk Hooded Drawstring Dress
Sale price Rs. 1,690 Regular price Rs. 2,600
Shake It Off Embellished Shorts
Sale price Rs. 1,700 Regular price Rs. 2,000
Night Mode Embellished Mini Skirt
Sale price Rs. 1,440 Regular price Rs. 1,800
Last Dance Embellished Shirt Dress
Sale price Rs. 2,900 Regular price Rs. 3,400
Star Shine Denim Zipper Jacket
Sale price Rs. 5,100 Regular price Rs. 6,000
Rose All Day Rhinestone T-Shirt
Rs. 2,500
Mystique Chain Sleeve Draped Top
Rs. 2,600
Moonlight Chain Sleeve Draped Top
Sale price Rs. 2,200 Regular price Rs. 2,600
Silversmoke Chain Sleeve T-Shirt
Rs. 2,100
Sunset Kiss Chain Sleeve Jumpsuit
Sale price Rs. 3,600 Regular price Rs. 4,500
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