Unlock the Power of Dressing: How Your Outfit Affects Your Mindset


Do you ever feel like a plastic bag on some days and feel like the world is yours for the taking on others? 

On the good days, you find yourself enthusiastically indulging in everything; on the bad days, you barely have the energy to do anything.

While it’s common to turn to activities like listening to music, taking a walk, a nap or exercising for self-care, there’s another tool you can add to your self-care arsenal: dressing. Yes, that’s right! 

Clothes are more than just mere pieces of coloured fabric as the clothes you choose to wear are an extension of your personality and can profoundly affect how you feel.

With that said, today we take a much-needed ‘Pause’ from our usual content to delve into this- so that the next time you feel plastic bag-ish, you’ll know how to use your dressing to ignite that inner light.

Understanding the Psychology of Clothing

Have you noticed that most people tend to address you based on how you’re dressed? 

While we’re still on that, have you ever taken a moment to consider why you choose to wear the clothes you do? Sure, style, comfort, and aesthetics are essential, but our clothing choices go much deeper than that. 

Your clothing choices reflect who you are and how you see yourself. They shine a light on your uniqueness, boldness, enhance your best features which is a plus for your sexiness, and so much more. Clothes reflect various aspects of our self-identity that include:

Gender and conformity

For centuries, women were expected to wear dresses and skirts, while men wore pants and suits. But as society has evolved, so too have our fashion choices. And as a result, today, we have the freedom to express ourselves in ways that feel authentic to us, regardless of gender.

Regrettably, there are communities in various parts of the world that still adhere to the notion that one’s gender should dictate their clothing choices. 

This mindset can cause discrimination or social exclusion towards those who break the traditional dressing norms. This sad reality currently persists in most parts of the world.

So, are your clothing choices aligned with traditional gender roles and expectations, or do they deviate and challenge them? 


Are you more of a lady in pink or a lady in black? Or is it as long as the clothes are appealing to your style? So there we have it- our clothes express our interests in so many ways than we can imagine.

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By donning your favourite colour from head-to-toe or putting some graffiti or paint pattern on your favourite denim jacket, you can express a bit of your creative self and unique sense of style to others.

Denim tops for women: Laid-back denim 

Cultural identity

Our cultural identity is essential to our identity and how we present ourselves to the world. 

Our clothing choices also allow us to identify with our culture and that of others. For instance, a saree is a huge part of the Indian dressing culture; so is a Maasai shuka to the Maasais, a kilt (‘skirt’) to Scottish men, and so forth.

So, if you’re looking for a brand that pays homage to Indian patterns and incorporates unique modern touches- clothes from Pause Fashion might just be the missing link.

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All in all, we can collectively agree that there’s just something about a good outfit. If your outfit is a ten, even the scorching sun won’t dampen your mood. In fact, you may even develop a case of “no-coat syndrome” on chilly nights because you’re so confident in your style. 

Let’s further explore the psychology behind the empowerment that comes with a well-put-together outfit.

Clothing Therapy: How It Influences Your State of Mind

Like life, our emotions are full of ups and downs too! Have you noticed how new clothes and, by extension, well-put-together outfits make you happy and confident? That’s because clothes have the power to influence our mindsets, consequently affecting our mood.

Clothing therapy is an approach to mental health and self-care that involves using your clothing choices to improve your mood and overall well-being.

However, it’s important to note that while this may boost your mood, it’s not a substitute for professional help if you’re battling a mental health ailment.

Our outfit choices can either impact our state of mind positively or negatively. Generally, some of the outcomes include the following:

Mood improvements

Clothes are huge serotonin boosters. There’s nothing more satisfying than changing into loungewear after a long day at work. Dressing up for a night out or a date night can equally be an exciting experience.

Additionally, the colours and patterns you choose can also affect your mood. Bright, bold colours bring a relaxed, casual vibe, while neutral tones bring a peaceful vibe. Similarly, certain patterns or prints can evoke specific emotions or associations, such as floral prints, which may bring holiday or beach vibes.

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Performance boost

A stylish business casual or smart-casual look equals a good mood, automatically giving you a headstart at work or during an interview. Alternatively, donning comfy athletic wear to the gym will increase your motivation and energy levels.

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Screamin' Green Drawstring Joggers

Confidence boost

Choosing clothes that fit your body type will flatter your body shape, which in turn does wonders for your confidence levels.

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Influences other people’s perceptions of us

Our clothing choices can also influence how others perceive us. Professional clothing can make others see us as competent and authoritative, while casual clothing can make us appear approachable and relaxed.

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Casual attire- Young Love Tweed Shacket,

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It’s important to note that clothing therapy isn’t about conforming to societal standards or feeling pressure to constantly look a certain way. Rather, it’s about using your clothing choices as a tool to help support and uplift your overall well-being.

You can experiment with colour, match your outfit to your mood, or vice versa but always consider your body type and the occasion.

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