Types Of T-Shirts Every Woman Should Own

T-shirts are easily one of the most effortless pieces to style. Additionally, they are comfortable and leave lots of room for movement depending on the t-shirt style. T-shirts are simply a wardrobe staple, with so many off-the-rack options.

Women’s t-shirt types vary in designfabric, patterns, and many more. So how do you determine the best types of t-shirts for women? In this article, we dissect that and more about the different types of t-shirts for women.

Types of T-shirts for Women

First, we must go over the different types of women’s t-shirts to help you diversify your wardrobe’s t-shirt collection. Here is a list of all the different types of t-shirts for ladies.

Knotted t-shirt: Dawn To Dusk Knotted Green T-shirt   

Cropped t-shirt: Up For Anything Cropped T-shirt

Cut-out t-shirt: Coming Through T-shirt

Vest t-shirt: Dream On T-shirt

Tie-dye t-shirt: On The Lookout T-shirt

Peplum t-shirt: On Vacation T-shirt

Wrap t-shirt: Wrap Me Up T-shirt

Oversized t-shirt: By The Sea Blue T-Shirt

When to Wear T-shirts

The best part about female t-shirt types is that they are wearable all year round. Thus, you can wear your favourite one to school, work, the beach, and many more. However, not all female t-shirt types are suitable for any occasion

These different types of t-shirts for women are each meant to be wearable on various occasions. For instance, you cannot pull up to a formal event with a multicoloured t-shirt or go to work in an oversized cropped t-shirt (not unless they allow it).

T-shirts were mainly known as casual wear. Over the years, apparel brands such as Pause have stepped up their game to bring to life unique t-shirt pieces that qualify as smart-casual pieces you can wear to work and other formal settings. 

Pause is a culturally inclusive brand that caters to women of all sizes and body types. Besides our unique types of t-shirts for ladies, we also have bottom wear, jacketsdresses, and more. 

So, how can you style women’s types of t-shirts? More on that in the next section.

How to Effortlessly Style Different Types of T-shirts for Women

Now that we can identify all the different types of t-shirts for ladies let us dive deeper into how to style them. Here are nine ways to style different types of women’s t-shirts.

Denim co-ords

The denim on denim look will never go out of style. It has been around for years and has somehow outlived so many other fashion trends. Denim jackets and pants pair well with many types of t-shirts for women. Here is how you, too, can rock this style.

Outfit Inspiration

Atlas Embellished Denim Jacket

Meet Me Halfway T-Shirt

Cosmo Relaxed Fit Denim Pants

In a two-piece set

Women’s types of t-shirts also come in two-piece sets. Aside from a t-shirt and pants co-ords, a classic white t-shirt would be a stunning smart-casual outfit paired with a suit. Both skirt and trouser suits will work for this look. 

Here is a stylish co-ord set you can wear while running your errands.

Outfit Inspiration

Troublemaker T-Shirt

Feeling Feisty Joggers

With wide-legged pants

Another way to style your favourite tee is by pairing it with wide-legged pants. Wide-legged pants are currently trendy, and they pair well with different types of t-shirts for ladies. You can wear this look to the office or on a brunch date with your girlfriends.

Outfit Inspiration

Corner Office Pants

Sweet Escape Top

With a skirt

If you are looking for another stylish look to wear to a night out with your girls, this would be perfect. Several t-shirt types for females effortlessly look chic when paired with a skirt. 

Outfit Inspiration

Spicy Salsa T-shirt

Two To Tango Skirt

With a short

T-shirts and shorts are a favourite go-to combination for many, especially during the summer—a wide range of women’s types of t-shirts pair well with shorts. You can wear this combination indoors or outdoors if the weather allows it.

Outfit Inspiration

Cloudburst Shorts

All Day, Every Day T-Shirt

Blue Lagoon Blazer

With mom pants

Mom pants generally have a loose fitting. They were widely popular in the early 2000s and late 1990s but have since made a comeback. Mom pants go well with various types of t-shirts for women. 

Additionally, you may layer these different types of t-shirts for ladies with a blazer or jacket for an even more sophisticated look.

Outfit Inspiration

Afterglow Pants

Groovy Green Cropped T-shirt

Written In The Stars Jacket

With joggers 

Are you looking to go out on a morning jog? If so, a t-shirt and joggers are likely your favourite outfits for such activities. A quality pair of joggers and t-shirts will be a good investment if you want to diversify your outfits for outdoor activities.

Many types of t-shirts for women effortlessly pair nicely with joggers. Pause also has a wide range of types of t-shirts for women’s outdoor activities. Here is an outfit idea that may interest you.

Outfit Inspiration

Balance Cropped T-Shirt

Power Through Joggers

With high-waisted pants

You can never go wrong with a nice cropped t-shirt and high wasted pants. Various types of t-shirt types for females would fit well in this outfit combination. A good example is as follows in the outfit inspiration below.

Outfit Inspiration

Roll With It High Waist Trousers

Get Basic T-Shirt

In Good Company Denim Shirt

With a shacket

A shacket is a hybrid of a shirt and jacket. It is lighter than a jacket and slightly heavier than a jacket. Shackets pair well with many t-shirt types for females. If you want to head out and the weather looks unpredictable, layering a shacket on top of your t-shirt would leave you warm and stylish.

Outfit Inspiration

Coral Calling Shacket

Meet Me Halfway T-Shirt

Peachy Keen Pants

The apparel market currently has a vast pool of women’s types of t-shirts. As expected, these various types of t-shirts for ladies vary in design and price, but the quality is one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to t-shirts.

Best Types of T-shirts for Women

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