Types of Shorts for Women of All Body Types

Picture this: You are out in a flared skirt, and it is beautifully sunny, but somewhere along the way, the wind gets in the way. Suddenly, it is you and your hands against the wind. We’ve all been there, I guess.

The above incident is preventable, and that’s where shorts come in. They allow you to stylishly flaunt your legs without the wind getting in your way.

In shorts, we find comfort, and that’s why shorts are predominantly worn as loungewear. However, besides being among the most comfortable bottoms, trends have changed over the years, and there are plenty of types of shorts for women to wear on less formal occasions.

So, in short, shorts can be pretty versatile pieces of clothing if you give them a chance. Sometimes it is okay to just let your legs breathe without necessarily having to be by a beach. 

If you’re wondering where to begin, worry not, as we’re ready to walk you through the numerous types of women’s shorts.

Let’s get right into it.

Different Types of Shorts for Women

Women’s types of shorts are of different lengths, fabrics, colours and patterns.

Female short types are a vacation staple, but that’s not all they are. There are different types of shorts for ladies that you can wear on a night out with friends or while running a quick errand. 

Different types of shorts for women’s everyday looks range from slim fit, relaxed fit and loose fit.

Choosing the perfect pair involves picking the best fit type and fabric depending on the occasion you intend to wear it. 

For instance, you can’t be out on the beach with tight denim shorts. The last thing you want while at the beach is any outerwear that clings tightly to your body, especially with the scorching heat.

Shorts with a relaxed fit and breathable material will offer you the most comfort. At Pause, we have various types of shorts for women. Feel free to take a peek here: unique kinds of shorts for ladies

Anyway, here are some types of shorts for ladies you should consider adding to your closet.

Baggy shorts

The baggy clothes trend can be traced back to the 90s and early 2000s when most of our faves wore baggy pants or tees. Its recent return can be attributed to the lockdown days where we were all forced to spend most of our time indoors.

Spending most of our time at home during the pandemic and lockdown days made us accustomed to wearing loose-fitting clothes. Gen Z has embraced baggy clothes as there is even a baggy clothing aesthetic.

Baggy shorts are among the many different types of shorts for ladies with enough room for movement, an attribute that contributes to their comfortability. These have easily become the types of shorts for women’s everyday laid-back looks.

The baggy types of shorts for women flatters all body types and pairs well with vests, cropped, or baggy t-shirts. This fit is best for when you want to run a quick errand or for a movie date and similar events. Here is how to pull off the effortless while still looking stylish kind of look.

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Fitted shorts

These should be your go-to if you want a pair with a more fitted silhouette. Our fitted shorts feature a neon Aztec embroidery along the front- a unique design detail that makes them look stylish.

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High-waisted denim shorts

If you want to give a leg-lengthening effect as you flaunt your legs, high-rise shorts will help you do this effortlessly. These are among the types of shorts for women’s casual summer looks.

High-waisted shorts sit at your waist or slightly higher and accentuate your waist better than low-rise shorts. Denim is among the most common fabrics used to make bottoms such as shorts. 

Ordinarily, denim is known to be a bit heavy than other fabrics. However, Pause specialises in constructing laid-back denim for you with shorts made out of lyocell denim that is ultra-soft, light and breathable for maximum comfort.

High-waisted denim shorts are for all body types and will appear flattering if you find the right size. It also pairs well with a variety of tops and t-shirts. 

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Here is how you can alternatively style your denim high-rise shorts.

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Mid-waisted denim shorts

Mid-rise denim shorts are among the most popular types of shorts for ladies. They mostly sit in the area that is right below your navel. They are a good pick if you love bottoms that do not sit too high or low.

They also flatter every body type provided you choose the right size. Mid-rise types of shorts for women pair well with several top types, and you can style them to your desired aesthetic. Would you love to rock your mid-waisted denim shorts, as illustrated below?

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Distressed denim vintage wash shorts

If you are the type that loves the vintage look, these would be perfect for you. Distressed denim vintage wash shorts have this aged and unique look.

These female short types are ideal for anyone who wants to stand out subtly. Spice up your closet by adding distressed denim vintage wash shorts. Here is some outfit inspiration for you.

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Twill shorts

Twill shorts are perfect for lounging and will have you looking put together with minimal effort. These are the types of shorts after women’s comfort since they are light and incredibly soft.

There are different types of twill shorts for women- twill shorts with lyocell or viscose composition. Twill shorts are ideal for women of all body types. Here is how twill shorts can get you looking vacation ready.

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Tie-dye shorts

If you are tired of plain-coloured types of shorts for women, you may want to try out tie-dye shorts. They are mostly made from ultra-soft material for maximum comfort. 

The tie-dye technique gives your outfits a unique splash of several colours and may appeal to anyone that dislikes bold-coloured outfits.

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Besides investing in various female short types, you should also be keen on the short length and choose the fabric that feels most comfortable on your skin. So, where can you find quality types of shorts for ladies? More on that shortly.

Best Types of Shorts for Women

Finding different types of shorts for ladies that are both comfortable and stylish is a tall order for most. There are so many brands for women’s wear, but not many of them are as thoughtful.

However, this is not the case with our brand, Pause, which defies the norm by providing you with variety, quality, comfort, longevity and shorts with pockets. Pause pretty much says- our women can have it all. 

Pause has different types of shorts for ladies of all body types, from XS to 4XL. It also has a vast collection of tops, dresses, jackets, and co-ords.

Are you looking for comfortable and stylish women’s types of shorts but are unsure of your size? Contact our stylists to get help with that and more!

To get started, you may send us the links and screenshots of your favourite shorts on WhatsApp to get your risk-free quote. Alternatively, connect with us here to get information on the types of shorts for ladies in stock.