How To Wear a Jumpsuit

Attention all jumpsuit lovers and those on the fence about this versatile outfit choice- it’s time!

It's time to dust off that jumpsuit and get a couple of new ones, too- because in today's article, we'll be sharing tips on how to style this wardrobe staple for any occasion. 

But first, let's clarify what jumpsuits are and how they differ from their other 'close cousins.'

Jumpsuits Vs. Rompers Vs. Playsuits: What's the Difference?

With so many one-piece options available, being able to tell apart jumpsuits from their "close cousins" is essential.

All these one-piece garments often get us all so confused. So, let's start by breaking down the differences between jumpsuits, rompers, and playsuits to ensure you understand each of these garments clearly.


These are one-piece garments that combine a top or t-shirt and pants. Jumpsuits are available in different lengths, designs and styles and may either have a defined or undefined waistline.

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Like jumpsuits, rompers also look like a seamless combination of two outfits, only that they are shorter. Hence, they combine a top, a t-shirt, and shorts.

Since they are generally shorter, you can expect their length to be above your knees.

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These are often mistaken for rompers, but their length sets them apart from jumpsuits and rompers. Playsuits are still generally short but vary in length, unlike rompers. They may fall somewhere between your mid-thigh or just above the knee.

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Who Can Wear Jumpsuits?

Jumpsuits are for everyone! Those who love them, as well as those who don't mind trying out different looks. So, in short- the only right answer here is everyone, especially when they fit correctly. This brings us to our next question.

What's the Best Fit for a Jumpsuit?

Worry not if you need help finding the right fit for your body type. 

The best fit for any outfit is the one that is the most comfortable- not too tight and not too loose either, just somewhere in between. This rule of thumb will ensure it hugs your curves just right and is comfortable enough to slide right through while relieving yourself. 

Bonus points if the jumpsuit is stretchy, not too long, cinches your waist, and doesn't ride up or down. 

If you have long legs and want to create an illusion that minimises them, aim to invest in jumpsuits that have a proportionate rise (mid-rise). And if you have short legs, going for one with a high-rise (high-waist) would be an ideal option for you.

How to Wear a Jumpsuit to Work

Generally, jumpsuits are laid-back, and incorporating them into your work look is an excellent way to add a fun twist to your everyday smart-casual looks.

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First, lean into neutral earthy tones such as brown, jungle green, grey, and so forth. Secondly, layering a formal coat, such as a blazer, is the cherry on top. Lastly, pair it with either heels or sneakers, and remember to accessorise. Keep it moderate, though less is always more!

The best part about layering your jumpsuit with a blazer is that you can always dress it down by taking it off at the end of the day for a dinner date or any other casual engagement. This way, you can get multiple wears out of your jumpsuit and create different looks with the same outfit.

Changing Tides Jumpsuit


So, how can you style casual jumpsuits for women?

How to Wear a Jumpsuit to a Casual Event

Don't we all just love dressing up for casual engagements? Unlike formal occasions, there are usually no strict rules for dressing for casual occasions. But the things with little to no rules are always the easiest to mess up.

Anyway, we choose to focus on the bright side as with more freedom comes more creativity and, thus, the opportunity to showcase your style. 

If you're dressing up for a casual event that's more formal, little things such as accessorising and choice of shoes make all the difference. See, for instance, how this applies:


Other casual jumpsuit outfit ideas: (Instagram pictures) of @nehamahajanofficial in the
Kiss And Tell Embellished Jumpsuit. 

If you're going for that 90s to early 2000s Y2K baggy aesthetic, you might want to check this out:

Aztec Embroidered Jumpsuit

If you're not a fan of the ladies' party dress trend for night outs and similar events, jumpsuits are undoubtedly the next best one-piece option.

Jumpsuits for Women of All Body Types

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