Different Types of Skirts You Should Know

Skirts are a popular lower body garment. They go way back and are fit for both casual and formal occasions. Fun fact- they used to be worn by both men and women.

Anyway, that is beside the point of our topic for today, as skirts have tremendously evolved from being bulky and limiting to being generally light and allowing free movement. 

Hence, today there are at least 20 types of skirts- this versatility creates more room for improvement of skirt designs to be more comfortable for women to wear. 

In this article, we go over the different types of skirts and more!

Different Types of Skirt Length Names

The evolution of skirts has seen them transition to various lengths and types. What type of skirt length do you prefer? Long or short? Besides these, there are other terminologies used to identify skirt length names.

These types of skirts with names as per their length are fit for various occasions. Of course, this depends on your tastes and preferences. Remember to have your body type before making a purchase.x

Here is a brief list of different types of skirt lengths with their names:

Micro mini- skirt’s hem will sit an inch below your bottom.

Mini- skirt’s hem ends at your mid-thigh.

Above Knee length- skirt’s hem sits anywhere between your mid-thigh and ends right above your knee.

Knee length- this skirt’s length ends right at your knee.

Cocktail length- this skirt’s length lies between the knee and your mid-calf area.

Midi- skirt’s length lies between your knee and ankle.

Maxi- skirt’s length may start below your mid-calf area and extends to your lower calf area.

Full-length- this skirt’s length is an inch above the floor.

Floor length- this skirt’s length sweeps the floor.

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So, what are the types of skirts for ladies?

Different Types of Skirts and Skirt Styles

Notably, different types of skirt names often get mistaken for skirt styles. Types of skirts for ladies have more to do with the outline of the skirt than other design parameters, such as details, length, and fabric which greatly influence a skirt’s style.

Most of these types of skirts have names that describe their outline or silhouette. There are about five types of skirts for women. Some types of skirts and their names are listed below.

Circular skirt

This type of skirts name gives insights into its pattern. Circular skirts have a fitted waistline and a circular hem, creating a flared silhouette. When laid down, the skirt’s hem creates a perfect circle. 

There are also other variations of different types of circular skirts with names such as half circle and double circle skirts.

Circular skirts are the types of skirts for all body types. Like all other types of skirts, they are of varying lengths and incorporate different details to make up different styles.

Circular skirt styles

Skater skirts- are the short version of circular skirts.

Meet Cute Skirt

Swing skirts- are the more conservative or, in other words, the longer version of circular skirts.

Sway The Day Skirt

High-low skirt- features an asymmetrical style with a higher front or side hem than its back.

A-line skirt

It is the non-flared version of a circular skirt that slightly flares out at the bottom to form an A-like shape. It features a hem that creates a triangular shape when laid down.

A-line skirts usually fall right above the knee or at the knee. 

A-line skirt styles

Denim skirt- has a skirt style based on its fabric choice- denim.

Heatwave Skirt

Wrap skirt- allows you to tie or fasten it around your waist uniquely. 

Venus Wrap Skirt

Knotted skirt- usually has a stylishly twisted front or side knot.

All Twisted Up Skirt

Fitted skirt

Another type of skirt with a name that describes its outline or pattern. If you are looking for a skirt that contours your body’s figure, this is it. It is fitted from the waist to your thighs or preferred length.

Fitted skirt styles

Pencil skirt- perfectly contours your body, and you can wear it to your date or business meeting.

Back In Black Skirt

Peplum skirt- features a flared strip of fabric attached to its waist, whereas the rest of the skirt contours your lower body.

High-waist skirt- this skirt style features a highrise that is meant to enhance your waistline.

Straight skirt

These types of skirts are with a name that outrightly describes their pattern- which is straight. It is from this skirt type that a variety of all other types of skirts arise. A straight skirt is often mistaken for a pencil skirt, a more fitted style.

Straight skirt styles

Leather skirt- features a skirt style made out of leather- faux or genuine.

Mini skirts- are a type of short skirt with a very high hem length that ends at your mid-thigh.

Coming In Hot Skirt

Yoke skirt

Yoke skirts are commonly known by their alternative name- hip-hugger skirts. It falls under the same category of types of skirts with names that describe their pattern. Its yoke effect is seen on the skirt’s upper panel, which hugs your hips. 

Yoke skirt styles

Tiered skirt- has tiers which are pieces of flared fabric layers against each other to the desired length.

Pleated skirt- has pleats that may vary in size.

Eyes On You Skirt

Other Types of Skirt Styles

There are endless skirt styles determined by hemline lengths, fabric choice, hemline details, and more. Here are a few more skirt-style options for you. 

Asymmetrical skirt

Unlike the rest of the skirt styles, which feature even hemlines, asymmetrical skirts have uneven hem lengths. Also, one skirt side may be longer than the other to create this illusion.

Slip It On Skirt

Bubble skirt

Bubble skirts fall under the category of types of short skirts. Its hem is usually tucked in to create a bubble-like shape.

Cowl skirt

Cowl skirts have bulky fronts and are fuller at the under-waist.

Mermaid skirt

A mermaid skirt is among the types of skirts whose names fully describe their pattern. It has two separate panels. The upper panel is more fitted, whereas the other significantly flares out to create room for movement.

Trumpet skirt

Trumpet skirts resemble mermaid skirts since they both flare out towards the hem. The only difference is that this type slightly flares out, unlike mermaid skirts to mimic trumpets.

Tulip skirt

A tulip skirt also has an uneven hemline. It also features overlapping panels to appear like a tulip.

Each of these skirt styles pairs well with different types of t-shirts, such as the ones described in this piece: Types Of T-Shirts Every Woman Should Own.

Best Types of Skirts for All Occasions

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