Wardrobe Essentials: Tops Every Woman Should Own

Tops are a wardrobe staple for women. They pair well with all types of bottoms and are wearable from summertime to winter.

It is easy to get lost in all the types of tops available in the market. There are different types of tops for women, and you need to consider several factors before purchasing to get value for your money.

This article will break that down, give tips on how to style various kinds of tops for ladies, and more!

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Top

It is important to create a list of pros and cons to establish whether that purchase is necessary. This is an essential first step that lets you know whether you are impulse buying or are really in need of a variety of all types of tops.

You do not want to clutter your closet with one type of garment (and tops are notorious for that). That will be counterproductive since you would be using your money unnecessarily.

Anyway, now that we have that out of the way. 

How many female top types do you have? Do you have more of one type of top than the other? Are you looking for particular types of trending tops? Do you want to be more familiar with all types of tops? Or, do you just want to get acquainted with the new types of tops?

If so, then this article is for you! Getting back on track, some of the factors to consider are:


Preferred colour

The new types of tops you will need


Desired fitting

If the new types of tops will be functional pieces and whether they complement your existing clothes.

A reliable brand to source 

Speaking of a clothing brand, Pause is not only reliable but inclusive. Pause promotes body and cultural inclusivity by providing modern pieces that cater to women of all body types.

Pause is under the umbrella of Bombay Shirt Company and has a vast collection of various types of stylish tops. All these types of tops are suitable for all your occasions, and we have different types of pants for women to complete the look.

So, what are the different types of tops for women that should already have a spot in your closet? 

Types of Tops for Women

Women's tops are easily accessible and are made of different fabrics, collar designs, hem designs, sleeve designs, and more. 

Here is an article to help you get more insights on the various sleeve designs for women’s shirts and tops: Everything You Need to Know About Sleeves.

Top styles have significantly evolved over the years. We have seen different types of tops for ladies transition from the cliched plain look to the minimalistic, stylish looks that currently exist.

There was even a time when the types of tops with pictures were trendy (they still are among teens and young adults).

Anyway, for women, the type of fit also matters and greatly contributes to the overall look.

For instance, if you want to achieve a casual street style look, an oversized or relaxed fit greatly fits into this type of look. However, a relaxed or slim fit will work best if you are going for a more formal look, say for an interview.

Here are some of the different types of tops for ladies that are a must-have.

A knotted hem top

These types of tops for women have hems that are stylishly knotted at the front and are available in a wide range of colours. A knotted hem top is a statement piece every woman needs to add to her top collection.

Outfit Inspiration

Sweet Talk Knotted Top

Daydreamer Wide-Legged Pleated Pants

A cape-sleeve top

Another must-have statement piece is this beauty right here. A cape-sleeve top has long hanging sleeves that add tons to the look. If you are looking for unique, sophisticated types of tops for ladies, this should be at the top of your list.

Outfit Inspiration

I See You Top (Free Size)

Up Up And Away Shorts

A peplum top

You probably think that the peplum trend is a bit too old of a trend. Well, guess what? It is not. Peplum tops keep coming and going, and they are still a thing. 

A peplum top and a wide-legged pant combo is a good smart-casual office wear starter pack. It is among the types of tops for women like you whose aim is to look stylish and well put-together.

Outfit Inspiration

Coco Crush Top

Back In Black Skirt

A cross-over top

Cross-over types of tops for women are among the best fashion-forward statement pieces to add to your wardrobe. It would be best if you did not miss out on these. They come in different colours, may have a v-neck collar design, and pair well with almost any bottom to complete your casual or formal look.

Outfit Inspiration

Summer Fetish Top

Smoke Show Wide-Legged Pants

A cold-shoulder top

Cold-shoulder tops are like the strapped-up version off-shoulder tops. These types of tops for women have been around for decades. They are great for the summer and come in various intricate designs. Here is how you can appropriately style it.

Outfit Inspiration

Heavy Metal Top

Party Starter Pants

A tie-strap top

Tie-strap tops are cold-shoulder tops with adjustable or tie-able straps. Pause has a collection of these tops, and they are available in different colours too! Get yourself one while stocks last to allow you to readjust your straps to your comfort.

Outfit Inspiration

Daydreamer Top

Dreaming In Denim Pants

A halter-neck top

Halter tops are cold-shoulder tops with interlocking or other unique strap designs and hem finishes. It is among the suitable summer types of tops for ladies and can work well for cooler seasons when appropriately layered with other garments.

Outfit Inspiration

Up To No Good Top

Heatwave Skirt

A sheer top

A sheer top is another great piece to add to your summer tops collection. Sheer types of female tops are see-through and are a go-to for all ladies who prefer bold looks. Here is how to style one.

Outfit Inspiration

Black Magic Shirt

Electric Love Wide-Legged Pants

A button-up top

However, a button-up top will be a good fit if you prefer a more conservative look. There are different types of button-up tops for women. Here is one of the best picks from our vast collection, alongside how you can style it.

Outfit Inspiration

Tangerine Dream Top

Summer Sorbet Pants

A shirt-top

Additionally, a shirt top will be your best fit if you want to switch to an even more conservative look. Shirt tops are the safest pick for an interview or business meeting among the different types of tops for ladies. 

Outfit Inspiration

By The Coast Top

Go With The Flow Wide-Legged Jeans

A high-low top

High-low tops have a dress top feel. However, unlike the various types of dress tops, these types of tops are a bit shorter. The longest an end could go is at one's bottom or slightly below.

The high-low trend has been going on for a while and has seen apparel brands like Pause get creative and design timeless pieces you can effortlessly style with different types of women's jeans or pants.

Outfit Inspiration

Create Your Own Magic Top

Time To Shine Pants

A satin top

If you want to add elegant and comfortable tops or clothing, you can never go wrong with silk's cousin- satin. A satin top pairs well with all kinds of women's pants, and you can style it as follows.

Outfit Inspiration

Sweet Escape Top

Corner Office Pants

A puff-sleeve top

You can never go wrong with a puff-sleeve top as they are perfect for any occasion and spice up your look without much effort. 

Here is a styling inspiration to help you look well put together if you have puff-sleeve tops or want to get one or two.

Outfit Inspiration

Spring It On Top

Sky Full Of Stars Pants

A tie-dye top

Tie-dyes are a great addition to any closet. They have a unique colour combination and are the best go-to for your daily errands or whenever you want to chill at home but still look pretty.

Outfit Inspiration

See You In The Sun Top

Playing It Cool Wide-Legged Pants

A ruffled top

Ruffled tops are uniquely designed with some extra fabric pieces stylishly layered against each other, just like feathers. They are available in different collar designs, from v-necks to crewed necks. Here is some inspiration on how to complete the look.

Outfit Inspiration

Olive You Top

Safari Ready Pants

A buckle-up top

Unlike all these other types of ladies' tops, these tops have straps but a twist. Most buckle-up tops have dungaree straps, and this unique aspect sets them apart from the rest.

Outfit Inspiration

Buckle Up Top

Across The Universe Pants

A vest top

A vest top is a woman's best asset when the sun comes to play. It is also very easy to layer them with jackets, shirts, and t-shirts as desired. 

Outfit Inspiration

Rainbow Crush Top

Citrus Punch Shorts

A classic white or black top

Last but not least, we have black and classic white tops. There are different types of tops for ladies available in these two common shades. Adding these two colour types saves you time on those days you barely have time to put much thought into your outfit and are therefore worth your money.

Outfit Inspiration

White- Break The Ice Top,

 Bubblegum Pop Shorts

Black- Fly Me To The Moon Top,

 Sway The Day Skirt

Best Types of Women's Tops for All Body Types

If you are looking for a trustworthy brand to source all types of tops and other garments, such as bottoms, jackets, co-ords, or dresses, look no further. 

Pause is one of Bombay Shirt Company's brands dedicated to creating quality modern pieces for women of all shapes and sizes. Our size charts stretch from (XS to 4XL). Hence there is something for everyone!

Ready to give our different types of tops for women a try? Let's talk. At Bombay Shirt Company, our experienced team of stylists is not only equipped with hands-on experience but can also provide you with solutions to your styling problems. 

All types of tops and our other apparel are made with you in mind to ensure you enjoy utmost comfort and get maximum value for your money. So, hurry up and stack up on all the types of ladies' tops you have been eyeing.

Connect with us today to get information on different kinds of women's tops and any other of your styling concerns.